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The History of Pinstripes

The use of pinstripes in fashion is popular as a statement piece for any outfit. Pinstripes are now being worn by men and women: men with business suits, women with pinstripe pants, skirts, and shirts. Many top fashion designers have adopted the use of pinstripes in their collections.

The classic, timeless pinstripes design seems to appear in every other clothing article these days, yet no one knows why. For a beautiful design feature to be so widely popularized, it’s important to understand its history and meaning.

So, where did pinstripes come from?

What is interesting to note is that the history of pinstripes has several attributes. While some attribute the origin of pinstripes to sports, others believe it came to be from service. One record has said that it was Chicago sportswear company Chris Knautz who invented the striped suit for enthusiastic college sports fans and unveiled it at the University of North Carolina in 1924.

However, on the other hand, another record holds that the history of pinstripes in fashion started back in the seventeenth century when they were created for the aristocrats and wealthy. That allowed the aristocrats to keep a mark on their bearing, and the pinstripes soon stood to become one of the most iconic symbols.

Yet another record holds that they were first made popular by British military organizations in the early 19th century. As unique and perplexed as this design itself, their history may forever hold several accounts but what is important is that pinstripes have grown to become an irreplaceable fashion staple.

The design finds its way among several different outfits, looks, and personas - even the media. The pinstripe has become an increasingly popular choice for men in the media - channeling iconic actors like Jack Nicholson. After all, pinstripes and power go together hand in hand, whether in business, fashion, or even the media. 

What’s the modern-day rendition of pinstripes?

While there is no doubt that the classic pinstriped suit is still a business favorite, we see many variations of its classic form these days. From subtly pinstriped coat to full pinstripe suit, from a pencil skirt to feminine column dress, there is no limit to what can be done with the design. A key part of the appeal of a pinstriped suit is its timelessness and versatility and that it does not go out of style.

Pinstripes hold an undeniable appeal for fashionistas. Originating from the classic pinstripe suit, the pinstripe trend has become one of the most popular menswear trends. There is no doubt that the pinstripe pattern is here to stay, from standout button-down shirts to natty neckties and even socks.

A popular way for the modern rendition of pinstripes includes skirts, dresses, jackets, and even socks.

This skirt by PowerSutra is a popular rendition that pairs well with formal clothing. It is a straight black skirt that is made of breathable cotton fabric and has a subtle pinstripe design running through it. 


Pinstripes are a timeless fashion staple that has consistently adorned successful men's closets for over one hundred years. The history of pinstripes is interesting, to say the least. It’s a trend that has appeared in fashion through nearly every era, and it has become an unmistakable symbol of chic style.

 And, to the joy of several fashion personas, pinstripes are back and bigger than ever. The 70's inspired prints, done in a bold color-block or solids print, have been seen on the runways of numerous designers around the world. Minimalist pinstripes of solid colors with layering pieces and scarves to show them off is the new summer version of this classic trend.

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