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How to Stop Feeling Bored with Your Wardrobe

Do you feel like you have a wardrobe rut? There is no denying that boredom can happen when it comes to clothing and style. It is common among fashionistas, bloggers, and even actresses. Being bored with your wardrobe is one of the greatest predictors of whether you will proudly wear what you own. 

There are many ways to make your garments stand out and look different. Here, we have outlined a few additional tips that will help you stop feeling bored with your wardrobe. 

Understand why you cannot connect with your wardrobe

So, you are bored with your closet, but why? Break it down to the core of what you are feeling. Is it a sense of want? Perhaps it is time to shed light on why you are bored with your wardrobe and give you some direction on how to feel less off. Some of the reasons you may be bored with your closet may have to do with having the same clothes for far too long, having outgrown the style of your present clothing, or even changing the environment you are heading into. 

For example, a wardrobe that works well for college may not work well when you have to go in for a full-time job. That is because college wear calls for more casual or semi-formal clothing whereas office wear, in most cases, requires you to dress formally daily. To put it into perspective, this black poly crepe jumpsuit would be a good fit for office wear as it is comfortable and yet has a formal appeal.  

Develop a unique style and find ways to build upon it

Think about why you need a closet refresh. Your clothes are important. They complement our personalities and help us to express ourselves. They help us define who we are based on the environment that we are looking at developing for ourselves. This is why it is so important for you to have clothes that reflect who you really are. 

Switch up your accessories, shoes, and other complementary pieces

Now that you have defined your unique style, find ways to build upon it. Find pieces that complement the very essence of that style - whether that is a riffed leather jacket or heels that stretch for days. Moving things around in your closet is an easy way to makeover any existing clothing items. Simply switching up your accessories, shoes, and other complementary pieces can give you that newly purchased feeling without even having to spend a dime. 

Dress up outfits and keep them for later

We believe outfits are personalities for the soul. If you have worn the same outfits multiple times or worn every piece of clothing in your closet at least once, now is the time to get creative. One way to do that would be by revamping your outfits to bring together pieces you may not have worn together but know they would be a killer pairing. Find multiple such pairings and keep them for later. Wear them at the right time and watch the world be dazzled. 

To give you an example, this black dress by PowerSutra pairs well with this white cotton blazer to offer an outfit that is chic and has a contemporary appeal. They both come together to develop an outfit that assets confidence while keeping a check on the modesty of the apparel. That makes it perfect for formal occasions as well as for an evening cocktail party.  

Most importantly, be you

There is nothing better than to wear clothes that represent who you are and what you stand for. It is all about creating a statement when choosing the clothing that speaks out who you are and what your style is. That can be a beautiful process in itself as it allows you to connect with your inner self and understand who you are and what represents you best. Here, you will have to take a deep dive into understanding your body type and personality and then finding outfits that work well for you. For example, A-line or empire cuts are great for the apple body shape, whereas dresses that cinch at the waist would work better for those with an hourglass body shape.

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