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Guide: How to dress according to your body shape

Guide: How to dress according to your body shape


Although most of us have heard the phrase "body diversity" innumerable times, only a few people actually know what it means. It essentially entails accepting all variations of the human body because there shouldn't be a "perfect size" or a hierarchy of human beings. Fortunately, deliberate changes have been made recently, with plus size models making a name for themselves and fashion brands being more inclusive with their designs and sizings. This guide to dressing for your body type will help you feel more confident and realise that you are more than a number on the scale. It can be used for office attire or smart casual outfits.


Everything you should know about women's body types


How to assess the shape of your body or identify your body shape?


Knowing how to identify your own body shape is the next step to dressing yourself in a way that will make you feel confident. Whether you are purchasing work clothes or dresses online, this is one of the most important steps in choosing an outfit. You can easily and conveniently determine your body shape by using one of these two methods:



  • First, using measurements


    Knowing your shoulder, bust, waist, and hip measurements is one of the most accurate ways to determine your body shape. Here's how it's done:


    • Shoulders - have someone assist you in measuring from one end to the other, with the measuring tape ideally high up on your shoulders.
    • Bust- Wrap the measuring tape around the widest part of your bust.
    • Waist- Wrap the measuring tape around the narrowest part of your waist.
    • Hips - begin with one of your hip bones and wrap it around your bottom to the opposite side of the hip.



  • Ask questions to yourself while you look in the mirror


    This method may be more suitable if you prefer not to use a measuring tape. Simply put on a form-fitting dress or swimsuit and examine your body in the mirror. Take a photo of the widest and narrowest parts of your body so you can refer to it later. Some questions to consider while evaluating are:


    •  Is my tummy defined?
    • Which part of my body is the widest?
    • Where do I typically gain weight?
    • Take down your measurements and findings, then use the body shape explanations above to determine your body shape.

    Accepting your body's shape and size


    At the same time, discovering your body shape may be distressing to some because we have been conditioned to believe that only those with a curvy and slim waist or thin and long legs deserve love, emphasising the importance of body diversity. However, learning to determine your body shape is not meant to make you feel bad about yourself or to amplify any insecurities you may have. Possessing this knowledge enables you to find the ideal clothing to help you look your best and feel at ease in your own skin and body. Increased body positivity is also associated with improved self-care behaviours, which will all benefit one's health in the long run.


    Style fashion tips for your body shape


    Do you want to try dressing for your body shape but aren't sure how? We have compiled a list of clothing, ranging from casual wear to office wear, that will fit your body shape perfectly, along with recommendations, so you can skip the hassle of searching the internet and instead shop directly even for plus-size clothing.


  • Body Type- Pear-shaped  body (Triangular shaped)


    A pear-shaped body is also known as a triangular-shaped body. In a few simple steps, you can determine whether your body falls into this category or not. It comprises a waist that is wider than the bust. The hips are fuller and the arms or shoulders are lighter in comparison to the hips and thighs in this body shape. The under-waistline body appears heavier than the upper torso, and the waistline is not well defined.


    What should you wear on a pear-shaped body?

    Now that we know which body parts are wider in a pear-shaped body and which are thinner, it is much easier to find your ideal clothes. Just remember not to wear anything that draws attention to your thighs and hips. Instead, choose clothing that conceals the lower body and draws attention to the upper body. When it comes to color, brighter colours are better suited to a pear-shaped body than darker colours like black and brown. Here are some of the best work-wear outfits that would look great on a pear or triangle body shape.


  • Body Type- Rectangle body (straight shaped) 


    As the name implies, such bodies are poorly defined. Curves are generally absent in straight or rectangle-shaped bodies. Such body types' hiplines, shoulders, and waist measurements are generally straight, with no curves. This body type is also known as an athletic body type.


    What should you wear if you have a rectangular body?

    When you have a straight body figure, you can choose which body area to emphasize. For example, if you want to draw attention to your bust, wear something that fits perfectly and also cinches up your waist. Wearing one of these outfits, for example, is a fantastic idea for those with a straight body type.


  • Body Type- Apple Shaped body (Circular shaped)


    This body type is commonly associated with being curvier. If you are curvier with a less or no defined waistline, you have an apple-shaped body type. Fuller and curvier shoulders, busts, hips, and thighs Such body types typically have larger busts than other body types.


    What should you wear on an apple-shaped body?

    If you believe you fit into this body type category, make one thing very clear. It is never a bad thing to have a large bust or thunderous thighs. Most skinny girls aspire to have such curves if you must know. All you have to do is choose the appropriate clothing and you're ready to go! If you have an apple shape, you should avoid wearing clothes that highlight your torso. Choose outfits that add vertical integrity to your body, such as a V-neckline or a keyhole neckline. Jackets or other types of layering are also good options for covering any extra curves that you're trying to avoid.


  • Body Type-Hourglass shaped body


    This is the most desired body shape among females. If your bust and hips measurements are nearly the same, you have an hourglass body shape. In addition, such body figures make the body appear curvier and have a well-defined waistline.


    What should you wear on an hourglass figure?

    Fitted outfits are ideal for the hourglass figure. They perfectly highlight this balanced body shape. It is safe to say that most outfits look flattering on an hourglass figure. If you fall into this category, consider yourself extremely fortunate! This is the most desired body shape according to beauty standards because it has a striking balance between the upper and lower body with a cinched waist. Wear a peplum top, wrap-around top/dress, V neckline, high-waisted skinny or different trousers, and so on.


  • Body Type- Triangle body (Strawberry Shaped)


    The Strawberry body type, also known as an inverted triangle, is diametrically opposed to the pear body type. Women with this body type have a heavier and broader shoulder line. While their hips and waistlines appear to be leaner. This body type is shaped like the letter "V," with little to no defined waistline.


    What should you wear if you have an inverted triangle body?

    Dresses that add vertical integrity are a must-have for ladies with this body type. Such an illusion can be created by using vertical stripes or different necklines such as halter, or scoop necklines. We also encourage you to experiment with different outfits that highlight your hipline with designs that include a wrap or a peplum feature.


    The significance of dressing for your body type


    You will be surprised to learn that dressing for your body shape has many advantages you probably didn't consider when looking for different dress types for body shapes. Here are a few examples:


  • Assists you in saving money


    Everyone has experienced the frustration of ordering clothes online only to have them arrive in a size that does not fit or in a cut and design that does not flatter your body. If you identify with this problem, knowing how to dress for your body type will undoubtedly help you save money because you will no longer be spending it on clothes that you will never wear. Your wallet will be grateful.



  • Draws attention to your best qualities


    The main goal of dressing for your body shape is to highlight your best features and make you feel more confident. Wearing a cropped top that ends at your waist with a high-waisted fitted skirt, for example, will accentuate your curves if you have an hourglass figure.


  • Improves your self-esteem


    When you notice that you look good in your outfits, your self-confidence will likely rise as well. Being confident has numerous advantages because it is closely related to self-worth and self-esteem. Low self-confidence, on the other hand, is frequently associated with depression and self-doubt, both of which can have a negative impact on one's life. When you are confident in your body, your health improves, you feel happier, you have the freedom to do things you would not have done otherwise, and it even reduces social anxiety.



  • Enhances mental health


    When you stop focusing on your flaws and insecurities, your self-esteem improves, which has a positive impact on your mental health. Although it may appear frivolous to associate self-esteem with our physical appearance, the reality is that looking and feeling good is one of the ways to boost self-esteem.

    Final Wrap


    As distinct as we should be, humans have created beauty barriers that define what is and isn't attractive over time. Break the mould and adore your body regardless of its shape or size by dressing according to your body shape. You are stunning as is and do not require any alterations. We all have our own unique shades, shapes, and authenticity. Understanding your body type is important, but accepting and embracing it is even more important. What is beauty or fashion without self-assurance? Love your body, no matter what type it is, and embrace these fashion tips.

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