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How to remain mindful and positive during COVID-19

During COVID-19, it is important for you to remain mindful and invest in yourself and others. You should remember to be kind, compassionate, and connected with those around you. Here are some mindfulness techniques that you can integrate into your daily routine during COVID-19 to help you stay mindful and positive throughout your journey. 

Rehearse positive thoughts and keep negativity at bay

We live in a world where negative thoughts tend to overpower positive thoughts, particularly anxiety and stress. These are perfectly natural emotions that can arise in our daily life. When you can identify your negative thoughts and challenge them with positive ones, you can use the power of Positivity. 

Retrain the mind to be conscious and mindful

Mindfulness is a key to happiness. The same practice that helps you focus your mind during meditation can be used throughout the day to improve focus, manage anxiety and stress, improve working memory, enhance creativity, drive positive change, etc. That becomes even more important when the world is distressed, and worry has become a natural state of being. So, remember to break out of that and retrain your mind to be conscious and mindful and understand the value of all you have.  

Count your blessings and remember to express gratitude

 During COVID-19, it is important to count your blessings and remember to express gratitude as not everyone is lucky enough to receive the same kinds of benefits. Showing appreciation for all that we have and being patient with ourselves when we cannot achieve a certain goal will help keep our cloud in perspective. Acknowledging and appreciating all we have is important to keep a positive mindset. 

Use affirmations regularly to stay positive and connected with yourself

There are many ways to help stay positive and mindful during the Coronavirus pandemic. One way is with the use of affirmations. Affirmations are statements about ourselves in the present tense that we decide to be true. A simple affirmation might be, "I am going to be just fine." Monotone repetition of these statements may have a calming effect. They may even condition your brain into believing that you are experiencing what you are saying.  

Reap the benefits of exercise

Being able to stay present and energetic can aid you in getting through the tough times. The most prominent and perhaps the most important is how exercise boosts endorphins and helps you feel positive and connected. But several benefits run skin deep. When you exercise, your body produces a higher number of antibodies that are suited for combating viruses. In addition to producing antibodies, exercise helps lower cholesterol, increase blood circulation, and improve breathing capacity.  

Vibrating at a higher frequency

The Coronavirus vibrates at a frequency of 5.5Hz to 14.5Hz1. This comes as a relatively low frequency for those who vibrate at a higher frequency. As a result, such people can overcome this illness only as a minor irritant. On the other hand, those with a lower frequency often tend to fall victim to the Coronavirus and other illnesses that plague the world. But the answer is simple - learn to vibrate at a higher frequency2. There are several ways you can do that: eating Earth-based foods such as seeds, vegetables, fruits, legumes, etc.; engaging in acts of generosity (95 Hz); expressing gratitude (150 Hz); being compassionate (150 Hz or more), and even praying regularly (120 to 350 Hz)3. Each activity comes with its own frequency and goes a long way in keeping you fit and healthy. When you regularly partake in such acts, you not only vibrate at a higher frequency but also learn to become the best version of yourself - and that is always a good thing, virus or not.  

While it’s easy to indulge yourself in fear and negativity, it is imperative to break out of the easy and instead opt to embrace positivity, mindfulness, and healthy living.  




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