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The Amazing Secrets of Productivity Hidden In Your Wardrobe

If you thought dressing for success was a myth, think again! It turns out what you wear has just as much to do with focus and productivity as it does with how others perceive you.

You've probably heard the advice that it’s better to dress for the job you want than the job you currently have. Most people don't believe in it, but they still try to match their attire to the occasion.

But, can clothing affect people's work quality and productivity in offices?

Science says it does! Studies reveal how clothes affect your behaviour and moods because society ascribes a symbolic meaning to different types of attire.

For example, you may consider some clothes to be powerful, some to be fun, and so on. You even tend to evaluate people whom you have just met based on their clothes and the occasion. Does this mean that the experience of wearing a specific outfit subtly affects your attitude and behaviour? Read on to find out!

How Dressing Up for Work Increases Productivity

With the pandemic looming largely in the last few years, many people complained about fatigue and the lack of motivation to work from home. After this realization, a lot of companies encouraged their employees to dress up while working from home to experience a sense of purpose and help boost productivity in turn as well. 


It creates a sense of normalcy. Remember how you would stand in front of your closet every morning and think of what to wear to the office? You probably then grabbed a cup of coffee before heading out. You had a routine. Dressing up helps to establish a routine among other things and here are a few other productivity secrets of wearing the right attire:

Clothes Influence How People Treat You

When you wear professional attire, it gives an impression that you're involved in what you're doing and are serious about it. It has been said that wearing powerful clothing can even make you feel more confident and helps in displaying dominance (Suit up = power up)! This, in turn, allows you to become better negotiators and abstract thinkers.  Additionally, the way someone dresses up reflects their personality and makes them approachable and professional at the same time.

business formal clothes for women

Dressing Up for WFH Increases Productivity

One of the biggest reasons why “The Morning Show” is trending is that Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon’s outfits have inspired a bevy of millennials to dress up to work from home! 

There’s no denying that the pandemic has changed the way we work. While it's not feasible to wear business formal clothes while working from home, switching over to a pair of well-fitted pants paired with a nice top or a blouse works like a charm. In this way, you may find yourself being consistent and more involved with what's on your plate. 

business formal clothes for women

It Gives a Sense of Control

People experiencing depression and anxiety are often counselled to try and accomplish small tasks like dressing up and there’s a good reason! Along with giving a sense of purpose, it helps establish a sense of control. 

The fact that you're in charge of what you wear to work can be empowering! You could go to work in your favourite top with a pair of well-fitted office pants or skirts or just wear a nice dress. The choice is up to you. Remember, this puts you in a position to make decisions and a sense of responsibility for how your day will go.

business formal clothes for women

You Are What You Wear 

You can let go of the pretense that what you wear doesn’t matter! 

Believe it or not, what you decide to wear can make you super productive! Dressing up is often associated with getting important things taken care of. Not only will it make you look good, but it also helps you feel good while creating a shift from a relaxed mode to a work mode.


Dressing Up for Productivity? Yes, Please!

The right formal attire can transform the way you spend your day. From picking an outfit to accomplishing all the tasks on your list, dressing up has a tremendous effect on productivity. 

While it’s true that only you know what is and isn’t appropriate in your office, clothes do matter when it comes to how you feel. So, if you have a bit of flexibility with work attire, and are feeling up to it, choose your favourite accessory or outfit when you need a confidence boost, even if it’s not “typical” in your office.

It could make all the difference! Ultimately, isn’t that what matters the most?

If you’re looking for ways to look your best and feel productive? We got you!

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