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Dressing for your Shape: A Quick and Simple Guide

Imagine ordering a dress at your favourite online store. After hours of looking, you’ve finally found a dress in your size and now you’ve already planned where you’re going to wear it. You make a mental checklist on how you’ll accessorize your new outfit, however, your dream comes crashing down once your package arrives and you try it on! It looks nothing like you imagined and you’re left exasperated.

Sounds like you? Why does this happen often? Well, the answer is simple! It’s because it doesn’t suit your body type. There are many different types of clothing and It’s easy to get caught up in pretty colours and striking patterns.. 

But every piece of clothing is not meant to suit every body type!

Now if you’re left wondering,” What's my body type and how to dress for it?”, then you’ve come to the right place!


What's my body type and how to dress for it?

Understanding your body shape will help you figure out the cuts and styles that will work the best for you. Knowing how to dress for your body type will give you a great sense of what suits you best. This will in turn help you have a better understanding of what fashion trends to follow to bring out the best in you. Here’s our guide to help you highlight your body’s best features with the right clothing. 

Understanding the Most Common Body Shapes

Body shape is all about proportion, and fashion is knowing how to dress up accordingly. 

Each of us has our own unique shape. Our shapes are narrowed down to a few categories like rectangle, pear, apple, inverted triangle and hourglass. You are likely to fall into one of these categories or you could be a blend of one or more categories. Once you know your body shape, you’ll be able to determine what trends to follow. 

Rectangle Body Shape

If your waist measurement is almost proportional to your hip or bust then you’re most likely a rectangle or square shape. Your arms and legs are therefore your assets and you should focus on enhancing them. This is where you want to create a proper waistline either with a waist belt or colour blocking pieces that will break it up. Celebrities like Anushka Sharma have this body type and you could probably check out her style for some inspiration. 

What to wear?

What's my body type and how to dress for it?

Choose mid-waisted trousers, mid-rise jeans and belted dresses that add definition to your waist. Sleeveless and strapless tops are your best friends.  Have fun with your shape and add volume to your upper body as well with blazers, long jackets and capes. Also, puff sleeves and ruffles add the much-needed drama for you. 

Pear Body Shape

If you’re a pear shape or triangle then your hips are wider than your upper body, like Parineeti Chopra. The trick here is to draw attention to your upper half by choosing prints and brighter colours. Try striking a balance between your upper and lower body so you make an illusion of an hourglass figure.

What to wear?

What's my body type and how to dress for it?

Wider necklines like boat, square and sweetheart necklines help to broaden your shoulders. Try wearing strapless dresses to show off arms and even out proportions. Jackets that end right above the waist and crop-tops will help balance your bottom out. Off-shoulder and wrap dresses would work really well on pear-shaped figures. 

Also,  do use dark colours on your bottom like black straight pants to slim down your hips. 

Apple Body Shape

The apple or round body shape is known for a larger upper body than the lower body. You probably have a nice slim waist but lack any definition in the upper half of your body. Avoid shoulder details and embellishments for this body type and aim for a well-balanced look and focus on accentuating your legs. Also, avoid belts that draw attention to your waist. 

What to wear?

What's my body type and how to dress for it?

A-line silhouettes, wrap dresses and tailored tops are your go-to options. Opt for V-necklines and Dolman sleeved tops so your arms and shoulders get a boost of volume. Choose slim-fit dresses and pencil skirts with a loose-fit top. The best type of jeans for you would be straight-leg jeans. You would also do good with an empire waist dress that brings your waist higher than its natural placement for a dramatic look. 

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

If your shoulders are the broadest part of your body, while your hips and waist are narrower, you belong to the inverted triangle club. Your best bet would be to let your necklines and hip stay in the spotlight. 

Avoid necklines like boat-neck, big shawl collars and larger prints on your top half. 

What to wear?

What's my body type and how to dress for it?

Peplum tops, scoop necks, V-necks and crew necks are all great ways to accentuate your upper half. For your bottoms, elongate your legs with a mini-length skirt, flared pants and boyfriend jeans to balance your lower half. Choose fit-n-flare and sheath dresses that will help to put some emphasis on your waist. 

Hourglass Body Shape

An hourglass is when your hips and shoulders are equal in size, with a well-defined waist and a slim midsection. If you belong to this category, embrace your curves. You want your clothes to sit at the right curves and create a dynamic silhouette. So steer clear from baggy clothes and outfits with ruffles. 

What to wear?

What's my body type and how to dress for it?

High-waisted pants and pencil skirts are great items to add to your wardrobe. Highlight that slim waist with bodycon dresses, mermaid cuts, boat necks and scoop necks. Go with a belt or let your naturally slim midsection define your dresses for you. You could also rock peplum tops, jumpsuits and empire waist dresses with equal panache. 

Being well-informed on your body type and the clothes that suit you can help you avoid a lot of shopping nightmares! Most importantly, it can save you the hassle of picking up outfits that are unflattering. At least, it will help you realize that when an outfit doesn’t look the way you want it to, it does not mean you’re out of shape. 

Hope our little guide has given you a better idea of how to style your clothes and helps you find the perfect dress for your body type!

Chin up, ladies! You’ve got this

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