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Be Positive and Test Negative- 10 ways to stay positive during a pandemic

Dealing with a pandemic is not an easy task, but the right attitude will take you places. It truly pays off to adopt a positive mindset where you hope for the best and also prepare for the worst. There are a lot of ways to stay positive, and plenty of tools you can use to keep your life in a positive light. Let us take a look at a few examples.

1. Converting feelings of anxiety into thoughts of positivity

The Coronavirus has truly shaken the world up, and it is important to recognize and acknowledge the feelings that are gripping us as a result of it. While anxiety can be extremely contagious so can positivity. So, even if you are the first in your group to start it, remember to be positive and break away from the gripping nature of anxiety. Remember that a positive mindset allows you to cope far more effectively. 

2. Understand that you cannot control everything but be prepared to deal with it

Emergencies happen. The fact is, no matter how prepared you are for an emergency, there is always a chance it will catch you off guard. But there are things you can do about it. Asking yourself questions and going over your resources is how you start to feel more in control of a situation that may be out of your control.

3. Remember to connect with your inner self

Take a couple of minutes to yourself. Close your eyes and breathe slowly. Imagine that you are the happiest being on the entire planet and focus all your attention on yourself. Enjoy this moment and accept it with a positive attitude that is going to allow you to move forward in your life with confidence, love, joy, and gratitude.

4. Engage in lots of positive affirmations

Remember that positivity is something we all have to work towards. Every day, when you look in the mirror you say to yourself, "I am going to be positive today." When you begin your day with positive affirmations (and plenty of them), you are more likely to feel positive throughout. 

5. Remind yourself that this too shall pass

The mental and emotional effects of going through something traumatic can be hard to predict - especially if it happens suddenly. But it is important to remind yourself, as often as you can, that this too shall pass. Life is made of ups and downs, and everything will move in the manner that it is supposed to. 

6. Adopt a Mindset of Abundance

Tuning in to all of your blessings, what you are grateful for, and living life with a sense of gratitude is good for the soul. This type of thinking is known as a mindset of abundance. When you practice this, it puts you in an optimistic place and creates a positive attitude towards oneself and others. By looking at the positive aspects of our lives, we can invite more to come into our lives and the world. Think about how powerful that is.

7. Exercise to relieve stress

Exercising is a great way to relieve stress even for a few hours. Running, jogging, or combining aerobic exercises with weight training will help you feel relieved and it also serves multiple good purposes of fitness. Exercising for a healthy body and mind is very effective.

8. Talk to a loved one about how you are feeling

Talking to a loved one about how you are feeling can be instrumental in gaining a positive mindset and breaking out of negative thinking cycles. Simply connecting with others is the best way to get out your emotions and have them validated.

9. Ensure you get eight hours of sleep every night

Focus on your goals and develop a positive mindset. The way to achieve this is to have good sleep routines. Do whatever it takes to make sure you sleep for eight hours every night and wake up feeling refreshed in the morning. Remember that sleep is one of the best ways to boost self-confidence and clear your mind.

10. Give yourself extra time for recreational activities

Going out for fun, going for a bike ride, going to the beach, watching a movie - whatever it may be that you do for enjoyment, do more of it. After all, even though our work is extremely important to us and to those who we serve, it is also important that we take time out to simply enjoy life.

As you can see, being positive will improve your life in many ways. It will improve your appearance, your health, and even help you in business endeavors. Anyone can feel a little blue or stressed out at times, but it is important to know that you have the power to choose how you will react to things that come along in your life.

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