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9 Fabulous Styling Tips For Plus Size Women

Not too long ago, being curvy and finding the perfectly fitting outfit seemed next to impossible! You either had to settle for something drab or try to squeeze into an outfit that was not your size. 

But things have now changed. And boy, are we glad!

More women these days are embracing their natural curves and feeling confident in their shapes. Plus-size fashion is all the rage, with the public embracing plus-size models and retailers creating the best fashion pieces for women of all sizes. Plus size clothing brands online are also challenging beauty standards—they're normalizing having cellulite and stretchmarks by posting unretouched images.


So, what is plus size clothing?

Generally speaking, the term plus size is associated with women who are size 16 and above, but this is open to interpretation. Designers and brands follow their individual definition and different countries have their own ways of considering what’s plus size and what’s not. 

Although there are a lot more options in design and size now, there are still a few of us who struggle to choose the right outfit for ourselves. You might just be wishing someone would give you a few tips on how to choose outfits that accentuate your curves and make you feel fab!  If you’re having trouble with how to dress if you are plus size ,here's a list of do’s and don'ts of plus size fashion:

It’s All About the Fabric

A polyester top that clings to your body will not be as flattering as cotton-elastane mix that is not only stretchy but well-fitting. Start experimenting with various fabrics when you shop and make a note of the ones that suit you best! Once  you understand the composition of fabrics that fit you best, it will help you choose better fitted clothing-especially when shopping online.

Large Prints Over Small Prints!

Small and super tiny prints tend to accentuate areas that don't need attention. If you love patterns, go for larger ones that bring energetic vibrancy compared to the former. Ultimately, you want to keep the prints in a uniform fashion so you can flaunt your best assets.

what type of dress is best for plus size


Style with Wide Waist Belts

Who said belts are not for you? If you're on the curvier side then, wide belts are your  best friend! It's a miracle worker and can instantly give your outfit that fab makeover! . Need to compress your tummy or hide the extra fabric from a skirt? No worries- a wide belt always comes to your rescue!

Comfort Over Trends. Period.

The general rules for plus size fashion are similar even otherwise. Trends are great, and you should follow the ones you like but make sure never to pick trends over comfort. When you choose clothing that you're comfortable in, it makes you feel more confident. And it’s all about that confidence, power woman!

Use Colour to your Advantage

Don't be afraid to add a little colour to your outfits. While monochromes have a slimming effect, they can make you look plain and dull. Try adding different fabrics and textures in the same colours but play around and accessorize with a pop of colour like with hats, handbags or belts. There are no rules for colours, and any colour can be slimming when you are wearing  clothing with the right fit. 

what type of dress is best for plus size

Empire Waist Dresses For the Win

If there's one silhouette that can slim and lengthen your figure, it is the empire waist silhouette. An empire waist dress has a fitted bodice that drapes out under the bustline. This shape has a slimming effect; the cinch at the bustline creates a high thin waist and tends to elongate it, making them one of the perfect outfits if you’re petite or plus size. 

What type of dress is best for plus size

Embrace Vintage

Vintage clothing is always a great option and can be styled in so many ways. Moreover, every vintage item is unique and eco-friendly and adding it to your outfit can instantly elevate your look. Vintage silhouettes also happen to be very figure flattering for plus size women. 

Balance Is The Key

This is an important tip when putting your outfits together. You do not want to wear an oversized shirt with baggy pants since that's just going to make you look larger. The same goes for the other way around. Don't wear something so fitting  that you can't walk around comfortably . Balance the outfit when it comes to sizes.

Know Your Measurement

Sometimes, it can get stressful to shop online if you’re unsure of your size. That’s why it helps to know your measurements so it will allow you to shop for fit and result in lesser returns. 

Develop your own Fashion Style 

While everything here is a nice guideline, there are no hard and fast rules. Buy clothes you feel great in and don't hesitate to break a few fashion rules if it makes you feel fabulous.

As you develop your own fashion style, seek inspiration from everywhere. Look at your favourite fashion bloggers or see how celebrities have styled themselves. But don’t go overboard when it comes to following trends. Let your style be a reflection of your personality and most importantly make you feel confident, no matter what you’re wearing. 

When it comes to feeling fabulous, don't let anything hold you back! We hope these tips help you shop for your favourite outfits! Happy Shopping to you!

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